Ancient Sumerians – Existed Sometime Between 6000 – 3000 BC

The Geography Of Mesopotamia Around 6000 B.C., after the agricultural revolution had begun to spread from its place of origin on the northern fringes of the Fertile Crescent, Neolithic farmers started filtering into the Fertile Crescent itself.


Widely considered to be the cradle of civilization, Bronze Age Mesopotamia


The Following Dates & Info from Ancient Aliens on History Channel Episode “The Mission” 2010

About Ancient Sumeria

3500-1900 BC Cradle of Civilization – modern Iraq

Fertile area between Tigris and Euphrates rivers were the Sumerians.

They were first :

  • to build cities
  • have street grid – almost like new york city
  • invented cobblestones
  • to have sewer system
  • to develop agriculture
  • first known writing on stone tablets (many texts/stories were similar to biblical book of Genesis except forĀ  stories about the Anunnaki)

Something of interest regaurding these first writings: Zecharia Sitchin wrote The Earth Chronicles. Which supposedly translates a lot / if not all of the ancient past writings of the Sumerians.

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